IPCOM introduces hosted IP Buiding automation to the KC marketplace!

Building automation IS in the CLOUD!

After a multi-year search that encompassed the globe IPCOM is proud to introduce the next generation of building automation to our marketplace. The IPCOM iDomLive! framework is now available as the cutting edge technology in the industry.

With the ability to monitor virtually ANYTHING, the iDomLive! framework will change the way your business operates and budgets. Information is POWER, and the framework gives your personnel all the power they can ask for!

Features of the 'IPCOM iDomLive!' framework

Hosted Building Automation

"If you are a property owner with multiple deployed systems, you know the expenses. Going to the cloud offers greater flexibility, lower costs, and higher customer satisfaction!!" One Happy Customer!


idom1-pic Control your World. Created by Domatica, the IPCOM iDomLive! Framework, an innovative technological solution for monitoring and control that handles any communication between the physical and the logical world.

IPCOM can use the iDom Framework to create automation applications in an easy way. Our programmers are able to develop applications for software platforms, using high level programming languages and databases. We simplify the entire process using the platform to deliver information and control to a multi-site enviorment.

The physical world is very complex, where an almost infinite number of sensors are available to measure the same logic unit, as is also the case with actuators.

Imagine a world where units of measurement appear directly on your application, no matter what sensor you use and not have to deal with different electrical signals depending on the sensor or actuator. That’s what iDom Framework does for you.


idom2-pic Hardware The IPCOM iDomLive! Gateway is a communication concentrator, functioning as the bridge between the control devices and the SDK. In addition, it also handles communications with several peripheral and sub-system protocols.

Although it is very common, but not mandatory, to include only one Gateway per iDom network, it should not be mistaken with a system central. Any iDom module works in a distributed intelligence architecture, where each module has its program memory, object data memory (devices, timers, variables) as well as high processing power.