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hotel-1-pic Voice Solutions . In today's ultra-competitive hotel industry, you constantly need to find ways to improve customer service. It's all about satisfying your customers. Panasonic integrated communication, information and document management solutions help you deliver prompt and accurate service from the front desk, checkout counter, drive thru window, guest room, business center and back office. Unified Communications streamlines your housekeeping services, your valet services, your bellhop services, your front desk staff services, your concierge services, you restaurant services, and just about each and every service your facility has to offer.

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parking-pic Parking Solutions . A complete user experience for hotel guests starts and stops with the parking facility. IF your patrons have trouble coming or going from the hotel, they will not come back. Hotels require a fast, reliable parking solution that will generate revenues for the hotel while keeping the guests oblivious to the fact they are a HUGE REVENUE STREAM for the facility. It is imperative that your parking operations run smoothly and efficiently, we have a partnership that will design, install and maintain the solution right for you.

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Panasonic solutions are uniquely designed to fit your business operations and growth.


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