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health-1-pic Long-Term Care Solutions . Nursing homes and other long-term care facilities are under constant pressure to do more with less. That's why digital and wireless solutions are increasingly becoming attractive options for facilities looking to decrease the time, expense and mistakes involved with paper-based systems. Here is how it works. The Poltys Direct Care Connect software application runs on a server connected to a nurse call system (alarm controller and alarm points in patient rooms) and to a Panasonic phone system. (Poltys does not sell nurse call systems, but is compatible with a variety of these.) The software relays alarms to a caregiver's cordless DECT handset when a patient pushes an alarm button or pulls an alarm cord. A GUI on the DECT handset gives the caregiver (e.g. nurse or doctor) three options: (1) to acknowledge the alarm (indicating they will handle the patient's request) or (2) to escalate the patient request to an alternate responder, or (3) to reply to the patient with a return phone call. The Direct Care Connect software also collects sorts and filters data to generate reports and graphs that aid in staffing and workflow optimization. The solution supports up to 128 nurse groups and 512 patient alarm buttons/pull cords.

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doctor-pic Physicians Practice Solutions . Often faced with busy schedules and time sensitive materials, physician practices are increasingly adopting the concept of the IP solution. From hosted services for patient rooms to IP based NCP systems for the business operations physician practices need a solution that is easy to use, reliable and affordable. IPCOM and Panasonic team up to deliver the features you need at the investment level you want. Don't hesitate to contact us and find out how the Panasonic solution is right for your practice.

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