Hosted VOIP from JIVE!

Enterprise Class Hosted VOIP

Jive Hosted VoIP provides organizations with an Enterprise Class hosted phone system customized to fit their needs. Jive's service is a fully-managed, cloud-based system, offering the convenience of an online IP-based telecommunications system All JIVE! hosted plans listed below are per line per month and offer unlimited calls and NO long term Contracts!

JIVE Pricing Levels

  • 1-4 Users $29.95 per line
  • 5-9 Users $25.95 per line
  • 10-24 Users $23.95 per line
  • 25-49 Users $21.95 per line
  • 50+ Users $19.95

Why Jive!?

"Manage both voice and data services with one provider. Jive requires little up-front capital, uses standards-based equipment, and simplifies phone system management all at a low and predictable monthly service cost."


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